Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jobs don't come when you call...

Well, if I had my way I'd be a famous graphic designer that could work at home and never worries about the next paycheck! But... "Everytime I close the door on reality, it comes in through the windows." (~ Jenifer Unlimited) lol So, yes I am still job searching with not much luck yet, but God will bring along the right job for me in His time. For now, I almost have my business web site up and running. Tommorow I should be able to put my site up on !!! yippppeee!!! Then I can print business cards and maybe start advertising (which might just help bring in some business)! So if any of y'alls know of anybody needed desgin work done, I do long distance jobs too! But enough advertising...hehe. Oh yeah! I am almost done with college!! I am only waiting for one more test to be graded! How cool is that?!! (Guess I'd better get whatever software I need before I can't use the student discount!! lol)

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