Saturday, July 18, 2009

Job Prayer

Well, I have applied for another job with the city! This time it is a Parking Enforcement Officer and it would be part time. The full time position required you to work every Saturday and I am just not willing to give up my time with Dave! So the part time position only works Mon-Fri, 30 hours per week which would leave me some time to build my graphic design business too!
So if you could, be praying that I would get this job and also that I can find a way to continue to help out a Western Drug until they close their retail portion of the store (that is where I am currently working and they close in Sept.) I think it would work for me to do both jobs for awhile, so I guess we will see what happens!


  1. Leah - you are so awesome !! We just love you so much and are so blessed to have you a part of our family. You are in our prayers as you wait for that perfect job that God has just for you. Hugs from Bend. Dave & Michelle

  2. Dear One,
    You are the best. Any boss, any where, any time would be so lucky to have you as an asset to their company. If they say no, just day dream about them eating bad shrimp or something like that. I bet it will help.