Sunday, October 26, 2008

So, I guess I ought to type something here so that it looks like I know what I am doing... hehe. Dave and I are happy to have our landscaping mostly done! We will finish up the back yard next spring, so for now we can consentrate on just hunting and hanging out with our two kittens!! (And of course work...that annoying things that always seems to get in the way of what you really want to do! lol) Although, I am currently trying to figure out a way that we can afford for me to get my helicopter pilots license. (Of course, I should probably finish my graphic design degree first... but after that, I would love to switch occupations!) Guess we'll see!


  1. ok so where did you get the picture of the tree? I have wanted a picture like that forever and ever and now you have stolen it for your blog!!! You better keep this up because I will check everyday and you will dissapoint me if I don't get something to read! :)

  2. Ok I talked to you at 4:00 today and yet when I check again at 10pm my time you have still not posted!!! I must have something new to read!! :) I do want that picture though. Like to hang on my wall in my home :) Love you,