Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Look! I made another entry!!!

So you'd think that since I was laid-off I would have ample time to udate this thing...heh. I seem to keep just as busy without a job as with one! lol I fill my day with finishing up my college degree, looking for a new job, playing with kittens, and reading my book! I have started a new series by Stephen Lawhead called Hood. It is his take on Robin Hood and so far I think it has been very good, and if any of the stories of Robin Hood were to be true, this one is the most believable in my opinion.

Dave and I and mom and dad also went and cut down our Christmas trees. I had to convince Dave that our frisky kittens would not tear down our tree as soon as we turned our backs, and so far I have been right. (Thank goodness! lol) I may even try to post a picture of our tree later today! (but don't hold your breath... I have more school to do!) Well, that be all for now! TaTa!

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